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The Original Clone Rabbit Dummy

The Original Clone Rabbit Dummy

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  • HD printed canvas supplemented with real wild rabbit fur
  • Retains rabbit smell and offers a real feeling effect
  • Complete with long throw cord
  • Lifelike weight distribution for extra realism and balance training

Product description

The next generation of bunny dummies has arrived!

After careful development and field testing, we are pleased to bring you the Original Clone 3 Piece Rabbit Dummy. With the two outer dummy sections made from our revolutionary HD printed canvas and complemented by a center section of real wild rabbit fur that retains the scent and represents the real feeling effect.
Available in two sizes, Small and Large, suitable for both younger and more experienced dogs. Each dummy comes complete with a throwing cord that allows you to throw easily and far.

The Original Clone Rabbit dummy has a light counterweight section, mimicking the balance of a real rabbit. When your dog carries a rabbit, the weight distribution is heavier in the front where the head and heavier organs are located. These dummies are specially designed to teach your dog how to deal with the unbalanced weight distribution of a researched rabbit, bringing you one step closer to the real thing!

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